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neverlove: Reluctant brilliance in a much needed debut

Updated: Apr 11

Unassuming in presentation and seemingly begrudging self-promotion, neverlove are a band with a soft disposition and all-encompassing crescendo, and have flown under the radar for too long.

neverlove lead singer belting a note down a microphone.

I had the pleasure of seeing them live at Safe with Sound’s Electric Bar gig, and the second they started playing I felt as though I’d been missing out on this grand secret, like somehow Bath’s most interesting, earnest band had been just out of my view. They have this indescribable, self-effacing spark of main stage energy, like I was meant to be seeing them as part of a full crowd, all rocking back and forth, feeling the bass in our chests.

neverlove single motionless cover artwork

Their debut single motionless’ balances its busy nature expertly, giving you just short of too much. Simmering with their technical precision, it sounds distinctly modern while keeping that American Football branded charm, every element of the track drenched in character. The lyrics are poignant without over-explaining, the instrumentals dancing from intricate to headbanging with graceful impact. Just as you start to think you know where it’s going next, it moves somewhere else. They know how to not let their obvious skill get in the way of the feeling.


It feels like there should be a full-length neverlove album that I can listen to in its entirety from the comfort of my bedroom floor. Since the bound-to-be cult classic doesn’t yet exist, I guess I’ll have to make do with playing motionless on repeat – something that will not be a struggle.





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