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Nova Scotia Live at The Louisiana

Updated: Apr 11

April 3rd 2024. @sunderpresents

Nova Scotia are maybe the best first supports I’ve ever happened to stumble across. The frontwoman was captivating, mic lead draped around her neck in a move that was somehow both demure and commanding. Dressed in the floral tradition of Florence Welch with the rich vocal timbre to match, her performance was like imagining if someone really pissed off Stevie Nicks.

The pure passion was almost overwhelming, and yet I was with her the whole time, hooked to the end of every line. It never lost its musical grasp, even in their headiest moments they were somehow still note perfect. I feel like I witnessed a complete redefinition of the meaning of powerhouse vocals.


The whole band were incredibly tight, clearly well-rehearsed and polished, you could tell they take this seriously. The drummer played like she was dancing, a mesmerising fluid motion, somehow smiling the whole time. They were possibly the happiest angriest people I’ve ever seen.


Catching them after the show they spoke to me with a characteristic, almost frantic sweetness, clearly still finding the buzz from performing that we’re maybe all chasing. I can’t recommend them more.

Find the Cardiff natives on Spotify, and back in Bristol to play Crofters Rights on May 4th. @louisiana.bristol


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