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The Easy Peelers Interview

Updated: Mar 29

Bath's most mischievous music makers.

The Easy Peelers are what you want to imagine an old-school band to be, genuine friends making music because they love it.

The Peelers are a band as exciting and new as it is nostalgic, balancing a youthful spirit and playful charm with some proper rock writing that knows how to whip up a crowd. Their new single “Tables Turn” is a piece they can really be proud of, and certainly their best yet.

I had the pleasure of chatting with the Peelers at lead singers Jake McGregor’s’ fancy new apartment, where they feel slightly out of place and like they have to sneak their smoke breaks in silence for fear of their next-door neighbour shouting out the window.

Chatty and inviting laced with a strong hint of mischief, the Peelers are a band that you just want to be friends with, and this new single really reflects that optimistic, stick it out together energy.

Jake: “I wrote [Tables Turn] ages before we played it. In rehearsals I’d always present two songs for us to learn, and these guys would always pick the other option. When we finally learnt it… I mean obviously it slapped”.

“Our keys player did these spaced-out chords, and I thought his part sounded better than what I was doing so now that’s the guitar part I play, that syncopated feel. Mia [Peelers’ drummer] always said it sounded like that Taylor Swift song…”

Mia & Jake start singing: “It feels like a perfect night...”

Mia: “On my set list I always had to have ‘Taylor Swift song’ written because I didn’t know the name of it yet”

This single feels different to what the Peelers have put out before. It has that catchy energy at its core, but this definitely feels more defiant, Jakes’ vocals a real stand out moment, a far grittier, bolder sound, like he’s singing with some real purpose. It suits his voice and the band in general who are right there, turning up the dial with him.

Jake: “I think this was more sing-along, feel-good vibes we were going for with this one”

Mia, interrupting: “Rock.” (probably combined with some kind of rock-and-roll hand gesture)

Troy [Peelers guitarist]: “Yeah, rock, feel-good.”

Jake: “The chorus has this double meaning… “Take what you need and you make it work”, it’s half this commentary on a situation I had with an old friend who ended up acting pretty selfishly, like they were just taking what they wanted regardless of how it effected anyone else, but then the more we’ve played it together it’s also turned into this like motivational thing, you gotta take what you need and not put yourself out for people who couldn’t give a shit about you.”

I think the opening line really sums up the whole track, “I’m a second away from a new thing”, this bold sense of optimism that something better is coming, you just gotta grit your teeth and get there, wait for the tables to turn if you will.

I wanted to know if the guys wrote their own sections, because I needed to know who to thank for the guitar part [which I did attempt to sing].

Jake, to Troy: “Yeah the guitar part slaps, it does. I learnt to play that because I love it so much, I just sit and play it to myself”

Troy: “Most of the times when I write it just sort of leaves my hands, and then I try to learn it afterwards. I wanted to make the catchiest song ever, I want you to be able to sing along and get it stuck in your head.”

It’s one of those rare songs where the riff really is the bit the crowd will be chanting. Troy may have been being mildly sarcastic when he said that the riff “came from within”, but a talent like his for earworms is one you can’t really teach.

Jake: “Joe [Peelers bassist] just picked up the bassline I’d written and immediately made it better, as he always does"

Mia: “And with the drums, Jesus takes the wheel, and I just see what Jesus does [starts laughing] … and then I replicate it afterwards”.

Troy: “I did definitely steal from Stacey’s Mum for the second verse”.

It’s good to know that the influences are solid, but you can just tell from a listen that everyone is really feeling what they’re playing, the enjoyment just rings out through the track. It’s almost like I can picture Troy bopping about or Mia smiling away behind the kit.

Mia: “We recorded Tables Turn with Archie Jones, and he genuinely took such good care of us”

Jake: “I’m not very good at recording [which I think we can all agree is not true], so I was pretty nervous, but Archie just knew what we needed and got great takes out of us.”

Mia: “We spent a long time picking the drum sound, we ended up using a Ludwig Black Beauty Snare and then I just put some duct tape on it to get it right.”

Mia being a pro got the recording down in three takes, although of course she won’t tell you that on the record.

Another element that really nails home the Peelers aesthetic is the artwork for the single – a cheeky DIY cartoon that could’ve fallen right out of the early 2000s.

Troy: “The single cover was a combo of me and Charlie Hughes, who hand drew our characters. They reminded me of Bratz dolls…”

Mia & Jake: “Or the Gorillaz”

Troy: “It was trial and error with a lot of fonts, but we wanted to lean into that 2000s nostalgia thing, and also like… we just love to skate.”

Mia: “Please sponsor us Route One.”

[Mia is currently sticking all the mini peelers stickers to her knuckles]

Jake, whispered: “Mia, stop it.”

Laughter follows, as it always does when these guys are together. When asked what’s coming up for them next, their energy was buzzing.

Jake: "We’re going back in the studio with Mr Archie Jones, and we’ve got a huge Halloween show [Saturday 28th, in Bath] at Moles, which is kind of like a home ground for us. We’ve got tote bags and new tiny little stickers [unfortunately the stickers were misprinted so they’re about ¼ of the size they were meant to be] that you can get at the show, and Blue Ray and Badlands are supporting, so it’s gonna be epic."

If you want a plan for Halloween that involves great live music, no pressure to dress up and a stage full of people in skeleton onesies, then I can’t recommend The Easy Peelers’ more. A Halloween show is the perfect single release celebration for a band where the enjoyment really does come first.

I’ll be rooting for them, and listening to 'Tables Turn' on repeat. It’s always a joy to find music that actually puts a smile on your face, and that energy comes from the connection and family that these guys have together.

Check out The Easy Peelers here.


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